My health goals

Physical goals

1) go on a afternoon run around the block

2) ride my bike around


1) I’ll read for 45 minutes every night and play games like sandbox on my iPad.


1) I will go over or have friends over and or talk to my family


1) I’ll meditate and use any meditation/relaxation apps

Oaks day

On Thursday it was oaks day. All the year 6’s had to dress up as if they were going to the races or a fashion show. Then we had to walk down a “runway” in front of the whole class while your partner, which mine was sophie, had to read out a description about you and your outfit. I felt really nervous as everyone was looking at me.

Here’s is Sophie’s description:

As Caitlin comes down the runway and dazzles the crowd you can see her stunning tailored Prada lace dress. This lace is the rarest and finest lace only found in the Netherlands. Her bow is one of the most expensive and limited edition from the famous French brand targét. Caitlin’s shoes are made from the best leather, dyed black to match her ensemble. She’s not only dressed for the races, but she’s wearing one of the winning outfits from this years fashion week. Put your hands together for Caitlin and her stunning ensemble.

Sorry photos are blurry

Me in a minute

As of doing me in a minute, we’ve had to practice our three goals to see if we can beat them.

My goals are:

1) basketballs in the hoop from free throw line, I’ve been practicing this by throwing it in the hoop at home after school.

2)burpees, I haven’t really been doing much of these but when I have, I’d do it with my brother

3)push-ups, after school ive tried to do some stuff got to do with strength.